Trusted to deliver high quality and cost effective print solutions

  • We strongly believe in building strong, ongoing relationships with our clients to fully understand their business objectives and brand values.

    We can advise from the very start of your planning process to help you find the most cost effective way of delivering your brand catalogue and marketing communications.

    We offer a print and paper audit to illustrate suitable alternatives in format size, pagination and paper grades which may better meet your marketing budgets whilst protecting your brand requirements.

    We understand about postage rates and can therefore make suggestions on how catalogue specifications can be altered to optimise postal criteria, and in many cases, deliver significant savings.

    We will arrange print and paper samples and made-up dummies to help you make the best decisions when it comes to choice of substrate.

    We remain in constant dialogue with print and paper suppliers to seek opportunities for innovation as well as cost saving initiatives.

  • From the client brief, we will obtain multiple quotations from our roster of approved reputable suppliers to achieve the most competitive print solution.

    We work closely with the mills to negotiate paper prices for a quarterly or bi-annual period. By purchasing paper direct from the mills, we guarantee future paper availability and it also offers the assurance of complete price transparency.

    We negotiate best possible terms of trade, and make arrangements for credit referencing where required.

    Once we have your outline schedule, we will place paper reservations and reserve print capacity to ensure that your production is secure.

    Once print requirements are firm, we issue comprehensive documentation of Print and Paper order to agreed suppliers and provide you with a Print & Paper Order Confirmation with a full cost breakdown.

    We can purchase associated items and services if required, e.g poly, envelopes, mailing services and insert distribution.

  • At the heart of every project is you – the client. From start to finish of any project, we will always put your interests first.

    You will be nominated a Key Account Manager dedicated to your projects full-time. All members of the team are kept fully-appraised on all client projects in order to provide a strong back-up if required.

    A networked system, laptops and smart phones enable us to operate effectively 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so we can respond to your queries as swiftly as possible.

    A fundamental part of our service is the provision of a comprehensive print schedule giving key dates and critical path for each project.

    We will communicate with your design and repro teams to confirm print specifications, printer contact details, ftp site information and to set up approval procedures.

    We work hard to maintain positive working relationships with all our suppliers which enable us to pull various parts of a project together on time.

    We are very experienced in managing potential issues which can inevitably crop up, e.g. late artwork or late changes to specification. Our positive supplier relations are an asset when it comes to re-negotiating schedules and deliveries if required.

    We can coordinate mailing services, including the purchase of consumables, e.g polywrap.

    For magazine and press inserts, we will liaise with your media agency and put together a schedule of packing, delivery and media details for the printer to follow.

    We will ensure that you receive files copies as soon as possible after completion of the print.

  • Once your marketing campaign has delivered, we will ensure that all aspects of the project are tied up fully.

    We supply updated Print & Paper confirmations reflecting final print volumes and paper usage.

    We will report and manage surplus stocks, and take these into account when planning your next projects.

    We will check and validate supplier invoices against Print and Paper Orders to ensure accuracy.

    Where a job has been press passed, we can provide a press pass report on any issues or arrange a face-to-face meeting with your marketing and design teams to discuss potential improvements.

    We have an established complaints procedure to follow-up any print/paper quality issues and ensure thorough investigation, reporting and resolution.